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FROME, JAMAICA   –   FEBRUARY 7-20, 2018

Jamaica Journey IV

See the Dream – Join the Team!

Our Jamaica Mission Ministry is expanding as we gain new partners and seize new opportunities to serve. Since you want to experience missions face-to-face this adventure is exactly want you need.

Mission Team Painting Mt. Carmel Church – 2017

PrimeTime Mission Adventures are “PrimeTime Appropriate” meaning:

     No Labor Intensive Work  /  Shorter Work Days  /  Flexible Schedule

          Great Accommodations  /  Excellent Meals prepared by Jamaican Cooks

              Meaningful  Devotionals  /  Amazing Jamaican Worship Services

                   Incredible Fellowship  /  Develop Powerful, Life-Long Friendships

                        An Empowering Awareness that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Customized PrimeTime Mission Adventures so your personal mission experience is up-close-and-personal. 

Keep your mission ministry options open and contact Rev. Charles Bledsoe for more information.

Dr. Paul Gamertsfelder, father of Work & Witness, at Mission Centre built in his honor .

Dr. Paul Gamertsfelder, Father of Work & Witness for the Church of the Nazarene, at Gamertsfelder Mission Centre built in his honor.  Dr. Paul has taken over 65 Work & Witness trips! Photo taken by Rev. Sam Barber, Senior Pastor at Shepherd Church of the Nazarene

The Jamaican Partners provide health care at the Gamertsfelder Mission Centre (GMC) and health facilities throughout the Westmoreland Parish.

Eye Surgery at the GMC – 2017

Doctors with various disciplines, nurses, lab technicians as well as legal, education, financial planners, Information Technology Experts and other professionals experience deep satisfaction by using their skills helping others. Those skilled in construction, building maintenance and design are fulfilled as well as they serve the economic depressed area for western Jamaica.

Concerning this huge ministry:

We trust the Lord!   He delivers!    Everytime!

For more information about this exciting ministry click on tabs above and discover how you can be involved in your personal mission adventure in Jamaica!

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Rev. Charles A. Bledsoe