Mission Adventures Director

Rev. Charles A. Bledsoe, Retired Pastor and Director of PrimeTime Ministry Mission Adventures.

WELCOME! I’m a retired minister with the Church of the Nazarene. And also the PrimeTime Work & Witness (W&W) Mission Adventures Director. We think we are the only PrimeTime specific Mission Adventures ministry in our denomination.

In November, 2003, we lead our denomination’s first PrimeTime (PT) specific W&W Mission Adventures to travel outside the USA to Florianopolis, Brazil.

In February, 2006, we organized three PrimeTime Mission Adventures teams to Barbados.

In November, 2009 we lead a 20 member, PrimeTime Mission Adventures team to Frome, Jamaica to conduct a Vacation Bible School.

February, 2013, my local church’s W&W team (Williams Lake Church of the Nazarene, Waterford, MI) traveled to Cuba, where I enjoyed the work without team leader responsibilities.

February, 2016, we lead a 22 member PT Mission Adventure team back to Frome, Jamaica. The Lord developed our team into two different areas of ministry! Fourteen members focused on painting the Mt Grace Nazarene Church and the second led by Rev. Robert Wilson, focused on the Health & Wellness ministry through the Gamertsfelder Mission Centre (GMC).   To learn more about the GMC – Click Here

February, 2017, we lead our Jamaica Journey III, Mission Adventure.

Jamaica Journey III MIssion Adventure Team – 2017

“Jamaica Journey IV, See the Dream – Join the Team” is now slated for February 7-20, 2018! Twelve individuals are committed to going with us again and within their local churches they know fourteen others with interest as well.  If you want to experience missions face-to-face you must act quickly. Contact me and I will place your name on our “Interested” list. No Commitment…Just interested.  Send your questions to me by clicking here  ULNazarene@gmail.com 

Adding my Youth Group’s W&W trip to Toronto and two W&W adventures we planned for others, our 2018 PT W&W team to Jamaica is our 12th international mission adventure. We thank the Lord for His salvation & leadership! To God Be The Glory!

After arriving in Jamaica in 2018, I want to hear all about your faith journey and experiences that molded you into the missionary-minded person you are today.

JAMAICA JOURNEY IV    See the Dream – Join the Team!  Today!

Blessings on YOU!

Thank you for your interest!

Rev. Charles A. Bledsoe,

Mission Adventures Director

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